Altech Corp. Wire Duct

Today’s panel building market has very specific needs when it comes to managing complex cable layouts. To help with your panel organizing needs, Textrol offers DIN rail mounted wire ducts for neat and safe organization.

Designed specifically for use in cabinets and control panels, Altech wire ducts are available in a number of sizes and are all manufactured using self-extinguishing PVC material.

The unique design allows cables to be retained during installation, making routing and cable termination a simple process. The fingers of the duct can be easily removed without the use of cutting tools.

Standard Slot

Wide fingers give additional cable support

Terminated wires can be re-routed easily

22 sizes and four colors


Thin Slot

Ideal for use with slimmer terminal blocks where more access is required

Improves appearance of panels with cables out in best position.

available in 19 sizes and three colors


Unslotted Duct

Ideal where no break-outs are required or side wall access is infrequent

Offers complete cable protection

available in 22 sizes and three colors

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