Banner Washdown and Hygenic Sensors

Banner Engineering’s QM26 washdown sensors are able to withstand high pressure washdown environments and are easy to mount for a hassle-free setup. Complete with stainless steel housing, sealed LED display, and chemical resistant coating, Banner’s washdown sensors are designed for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

The QMH26, Banner’s hygienic sensor, is a step up from the washdown model. With less trap points, the QMH26 is easier to clean and ideal for clean-in-place applications. The hygienic sensor’s applications can include ones requiring sanitation and self draining.

Washdown QM26

High pressure washdown with chemical resistance

Easy mounting for quick setup and installation

Compatible with food products for reliable sensing in food and beverage applications.

Hygienic QMH26

Hygienic mounting shape minimizes contamination risk and is self draining for CIP application

High chemical resistance ideal for the most demanding photoelectric sensing environments

hygienic design for easy cleaning


For more information, you can view Banner’s video on the QM26 and QMH26 here.

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